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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  August 5, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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foresman will not be used against the same military corporations which in fact are subsidized receive a form of welfare from american taxpayers every year. now a russian mole inside the us embassy in moscow it is salacious stuff and britain's guardian newspaper has been reveling in its scruple though all is not as it seems as you can see down off explains everybody loves a spy drama mystery suspense and the russian firm fertile. the name of the. song my name is evident then you are a russian spy. this guardian story had every ingredient for a thriller recipe the u.s. secret service as quite clearly stems from the very name is one of the most
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enigmatic agencies of the u.s. government its main function is to protect the lives of u.s. presidents ministers the top political brass and that is where the russians according to the guardian planted a mall the russian spy had been working under texted in the heart of the american embassy in moscow for more than a decade she had plenty of time to gather intelligence without supervision bissell said the guardian's head of investigations claims she was operational for a whole decade in that time through the agency's internet in e-mail systems she had access to all kinds of highly classified stuff including the shared jewels of the president and vice president all of that according to the guardian the woman fed to the be russia's key security agency before being let go last year over security concerns they had lined the narrative the details looked spectacular in the scoop which was even projected to link to a spy ploy in washington d.c.
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itself her activities of stealing and sharing information could shed more light on how the russians were able to hack the twenty sixteen presidential election office of the d.n.c. except the secret service was. unimpressed by the reporting and not out of shame or embarrassment but because of the facts according to the media release within the agency the woman in question held the position of a foreign service national these employees have their duties outlined very strictly as by default the secret service views every one of them surprises as potential spies the woman's responsibilities were limited to things like translation cultural guidance administrative support and i don't mean to offend anybody here but this. sounds more like the job description of a tourist guide rather than a spy or material employee and i wish i could say the guardian did not know all
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these things when publishing the article but they did prior to the guardian publishing their article the u.s. secret service provided their editor with their official statement clearly refuting the unfounded information despite all this the article was published as is after all everybody loves a spy drama but some plots are better be saved for hollywood script. while this particular russian spy story was then even by the u.s. secret service itself america's politicians have been doubling down on allegations of moscow meddling in elections in fact they have pledged to protect the upcoming midterm elections in november from foreign interference. our democracy itself is in the crosshairs of pain by russia to try to weaken and divide united states threat is not going away to prevent foreign interference
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in our elections to prevent russian and other foreign influence and the russians try to hack into and steal information from candidates and government officials alike cyber attacks against voting infrastructure along with computer intrusions malicious cyber actors are getting elected officials it goes beyond the elections it goes to russia's intent to undermine our democratic values. content is created tested and hosted on platforms such as you tube reddit and pinterest its push to twitter and facebook with their standing audiences in the hundreds of millions and it's targeted at the most receptive this is a problem of the entire information ecosystem this is cross-platform reddit confirm hundreds of ira created accounts tumblr did it. a lot of pride pride related content less news more memes this isn't just a couple of platforms this is music apps this is video games this is me i'm sharing
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it it's much broader than twitter and google. and. when you look it's just hilarious when i hear that funny pictures can undermine american democracy i think it's just paranoia that goes off the scale it's not respectable for american lawmakers to make a sensation after nothing we're not the ones who invented social media and we're not the ones who insisted on making social media open to everybody they're going to blame russia for whatever happens in the november elections whatever goes wrong whatever problems we have it's russia's fault there are no racial divisions there is no way in quality of income there are no problems in this country except the ones that are made by russia this is ridiculous what's going on here. they have to use something to deflect criticism from their own. rules their own rules ship this is absolutely getting out of control right now i have not seen it like this before and it's getting more and more dangerous when you think of the relations between two superpowers they don't want better relations with russia they want to push this
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line and they yes there's a war between trump and his intelligence. the venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he's an escaped and attempt on his life that after drones carrying explosives detonated nearby while he was addressing troops in caracas this weekend in fact our video agency repartee caught the moment on camera i didn't know not a good little for the. innocent. president uhuru there was unharmed although seven soldiers were injured the venezuelan government says it's already detained some of those behind the assassination plot and the dura has also flung blame at neighboring colombia which denies any involvement and an armed group called the final soldiers claimed it carried out the attack let's get the these now francisca domingo's the electorate will take universe and u.k. and he's with us now it's good to have you on r.t.
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this afternoon a lot of accusations flying around just run through here you perhaps think could have been behind this assassination plot and why. the. friends in the region. who. bring about regime change you might as well. as songs if you want to they could it's. president trying to yourselves that humans wasn't working out the military intervention might also indicate a possibility of regime change but by that means michael who your and others in the miami cuban community also make it clear that he will favor a could and obviously they haven't been able to actually produce regime change and as an aside of the one get the strong impression that they're getting a bit desperate president one of those a few days ago wrote a tweet or you me she said very precisely and clearly i can see the form of the her
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belly at some other of their face so if you put two and two together you get you know sort of drawn it back again the president of venezuela sure a lot of people have strong suspicions have difficult though will it be to prove anything. this is not the first time that there's there are these kind of attempts over the years since nine hundred ninety eight ninety nine all the way to now been several times you know starting in colombia and also organized and orchestrated and certainly which is a great that you know elements of the united states and to morrow we will just totally clear there there is a clear the ration in those circles right now is the been trying absolutely everything from economic war from an economic walk a crumb of them so that when i see it in american as they used to condemn the country to isolate them to bring about what they call the humanity don't invention
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the southern command of the don't want to be insane these again and again and again they're willing to really desperate to organize some sort of you know when you deleon managing the bench and so it's clear that these is what is different now seems to me is a. miami ass's that macdougall all refers to what is missing from there these madrid madrid usually badly and now madrid has gone because there had been a change of government so the weakening of that particular axes actually made the modest growth that is mind pressure and the very fact that the you know they're using drones the logistics of using drones to bring them over from somewhere else require some serious undertaking you know knowing the vidual small guerrilla force available to them so just on that point. for cisco do you think though that the attempt because the attempt failed does that show a lack of professionalism or just
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a shame because these drones were used there were people who knew exactly what they were doing the haps in their eyes they were unlucky. the drawings going he was actually quite fancy because they were brought down by the security around in various circles concentric circles around where mother of all. these there were three somebody boards in the gate to certainly there's a possibility of three and they exploited. the whole thing to scan the ocean. well who could organize such a big thing and remember the media in the past when they had been only got back again the building which was quite a celebrated case and the media also suggested there was a hoax as it is suggesting now and then and then when the people who actually carried out the. front of the the army and then they done then the media accused manure of. assassinations people know there is another hoax which actually
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doesn't make sense ok very interesting to talk to talk to francisco to it i'm softening that was a doctor to me as a senior lecturer at middlesex university thank you. paris a volunteer group that gave out free food to homeless migrants has been forced to end its activities will explain why just after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development is only mostly i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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you know world of big person lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back no nato is resolute support mission in afghanistan says that three of its soldiers have been killed in the suicide bombing earlier today the taliban says
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it carried out the attack local journalists the time phase i reports now from kabul . a suicide bomber on foot across a nato convoy in north of kabul in the middle of the city of charcoal are. called colors i.e. and detonated his explosive laden vest killing a least three nato service members according to residents appalled statement three have been killed and three more have been wounded one of the wounded is american and to the rest are afghan police forces local prevention spokesperson confirmed the attacked saying that there are no there is no civilian casualties but it has been a very vulnerable area nearby bagram air base so this bees have been vulnerable because it has diminished your number of the u.s.
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forces based in there so taliban have been launching attacks sometimes mortar attacks and sometimes the plant or improvised explosive device and they usually commit suicide attacks against these forces. when it has been confirmed that the soldiers killed in the attack were czech nationals. as army analysts from the center for conflict and peace studies says that the prospect of the escalation in afghanistan is looking ever less likely. well i think it it is realized why almost everyone all sides of the conflict. you know military solution in afghanistan is not a solution to end the strike there has to be a political solution taliban is still the largest in the strongest militant group in afghanistan fighting against the americans fighting and one government and its other information but. if we see. if a lot of people argue that ok if there is
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a species deal with the taliban completely country and then i think it's realistic because you know we are our government here is in our sussman here in kabul is that even if taliban stop fighting completely some of its hard core elements or those taliban that are fighting for profit or money well switch to groups like. the volatile atmosphere in a paris district has forced one prime i go in and it's crucial work there according to volunteer is the area is now unsafe and even minimum security measures are not being met while the group has been working there for almost two years distributing more than two hundred fifty thousand meals and also supplies shall have been skiing reports. in paris is a gritty eighteenth hante small town hundreds of my clients clustered together on the streets they gather here as it's where food is distributed by
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a local farmer until quick but after twenty months solid data to me call wilson looks set to close its doors saying they just can't take anymore all sorts of it's become more tense we're serving around seven hundred breakfasts every day to migrants who live in terrible conditions they have nothing not even tends to sleep on the ground and sometimes woken up by the police in the morning taking women used tear gas to move them so when they come to us they're stressed and nervous twice last week we had to stop. serving food to let the tension calm down this is something new for us so yes we're stopping migrants have been expelled by police in this area many times philip tells me that despite this they come back and every time they do this situation becomes even more desperate from the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we've done this for twenty months every day during the last month we started questioning our mission as we day one i
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volunteered to be put in danger. who is to blame for this situation for not giving enough help to the migrants on the streets is this the mayor of paris is this the government of france. is all for us is both the state is responsible for people on the streets for taking in migrants at the same time the authorities in paris are restricting access to water taps in the summer is irresponsible they also have a responsibility towards the miners their miners who sleep on the street and in the camp of drug addicts me the state nor the parish administration is doing its job. with the authorities not providing enough support the volunteers are giving up just a stone's throw away from haiti is an area known locally as crack hill that's also made things worse for those working to help the migrants felipe says that some of the drug addicts are also coming for food handouts and causing problems.
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the drug addicts were evacuated recently but nothing was done to help them and they came back to it now come for a break for this too it creates additional tension they're aggressive including towards the volunteers so this is an explosive situation. while we're recording the interview me the food distribution point to take individuals approach us for a movie what i saw lambeau media which serves your reality and i was there i was only. marginally so basically we keep in mind that some of the people on the streets are very uncomfortable with it like tell me we're not filming it he says but they just uncomfortable with the cameras. he lets if it works if it's the last exam i. think. more people are coming nothing is being done about it and there are the drug addicts as you saw it's impossible to film people here it's becoming more difficult than before we think the situation is explosive
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and a person is in real danger by shutting up shop so legality may call wilson know that they are cutting off a vital lifeline for fun ripple nicholas but as well as doing it out of concern for their volunteers they hope the move to prompt the authorities to stop ignoring the plight of migrants and force them to take action even ski arty paris that is just coming up to three thirty in the afternoon here in moscow thanks to the company we're back with more news in the headlines in half an. kind of financial survival job today with all the money laundering first to visit this should this be different. oh good it's a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in your
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something in america something overseas in the cayman islands or do we do all these banks are complicit in the tough talk received we just have to give mccoll and say ok i'm ready to do some serious wounds ok let's see how we did while we've got home at a nice luxury watch for max and for stacy oh beautiful jewelry how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money laundering is highly illegal. much keyser of course. the philippine city of angeles when the u.s. military moved out the six tourists moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up. my dad an opinion one month of. my very day incidentally like you like. i know your.
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son. isn't the first time in the t.v. crew to see you or takes you were no don't answer is thrown back now and that it's real or is it. that's it that i do what my god if. they. can take to get a little bit you can take the little girl. woman you know. oh i love you like it you can get it if you.
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he did you keep. one fact. that. it's him in december morning and i'm on a bus headed down south from chinatown new york there breathless driver speeds up on the ice who really. am traveling across the states in a snowstorm because of a book. written over dishpan of twenty years back and forth from the mining areas
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of nice town kentucky the book by italians corner. is a monumental collection of moral history it does the struggle of the words built around mining of coal when amy grants would come to the area to work well paid but often has faded jobs the book tells the story of harlan county that's where i'm going. to bury. this repast. own. land.
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i'm headed to the depot mary kom of course. i want to see what's left of the. three years since his first visit now that the us is shifting to major and gas and coal mines for shutting down one after another i do not expect to find a lively city when i drive into hard i find it on a city where people are stuck like car turns from black and white picture their stories and their. have not changed much from those recorded by pushed fields research and that they are leading me in this journey round the.
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world. with. well we really don't know what he'll be. back with person because i've been in thirty. plus at least two it will be. no ma'am. but i am brand in their place now. appalachian man but. appalachian male meat eating. it's.
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growing on a farm or falls. are shallow. i got married when i. was sixteen years out and my husband was seventeen years old and lead me in myriad about six months and he went into the mountains and then six months after that down in the went to court accident. i had two week old son. lady who lived down the street here on me and. killed. vertebra you know what it was really. low. where no. company wants to poll real it's gorgeous at all for the coal ready for the
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christmas they would in there always. suck the whole milk but done it was done but that it was. killed if. they know it much. to tell the ropes that locket one through so it. shielded. thirty feet to see if i would fairly. soon as. i find remnants of the mining history or longer memories of the casualties and the hard labor are alive in the stories told by the young and the like their next had
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to crowd the glory of collectives childhood and hard work paid off. speaking to the local scene dusting barson saloons you can see that their life was and still is mine mine's harder now. relief their collective legend and whether played a part where said when private sector survived the war right disappearing before day i ask for the rose parade rest. their spy brand is a bit of a work first reraises gun ship but first you have like i went six of them at meyers grill. it was work and i got there as my grandpa grandma a six awful sweater. but maybe you mean you don't want.
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to. go. in every lady made home a and at it. he always had peace because you know now we face the life that you'll say. the truth. you won't want to hear that there's no water in the mine and soon you would have to drown through water it would get it over your knees and. the horses would have to pull through the opponent's muna and then they would lay to balfour's for tracks sometimes when they'd run out of traffic people here named her you know anywhere it's there's nothing for him to
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day and there have been all the young papers the turning to see after this and. if it were some one would have a state answer. say our government would get interested in this place this party can attack you i think we can. and these young people could make it with it but if they don't they're dying every day. out of our dose in this same.


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